Multi-Disciplinary Team

Mr Chong’s practice is supported by a team of breast cancer specialist, some of whom are one of the most renowned breast cancer specialists in London. This specialist team is known as the Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT).

Mr Chong’s MDT meets every Wednesday to review results of all patients and propose a treatment plan for each of his patients. The MDT meetings aim to recommend a treatment plan that is tailored to each individual patient’s breast cancer type (histology), health status, background and patient preference.

Breast Cancer treatment is not just about best breast cancer surgery, but also the timing of other treatments such as chemotherapy, anti-hormone (endocrine) therapy, genetic analysis and radiotherapy. Every treatment plan is based on the latest worldwide evidence in breast cancer treatment.

The MDT Team takes every effort is taken to strike a balance between maximizing effectiveness of treatment and optimizing patient wellbeing.

Professor David Miles

Consultant Medical Oncologist

Dr Narottam Thanvi

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Glenda Kaplan

Consultant Radiologist

Dr Nina Breunung-Joshi

Consultant Radiologist

Dr Matilda Ralph

MBBS, FRCPath Consultant Pathologist

Bridie McGillycuddy

Breast Care Nurse

Alina Caruntu

Breast Care Nurse

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