Virtual Clinics

Virtual Clinics With Mr Chong

Mr Chong is committed to provide a high level of service and first-class care for patients who are unable to attend a face-to-face consultation. Spire Virtual Consultation Serviceprovides a secure and safe method of providing virtual consultations using a Zoom Pro app and maintained by the Spire Healthcare Group of hospitals.

As part of your virtual consultation, Mr Chong will also arrange any diagnostic scans such as mammograms, ultrasound and biopsy at a private hospital that is convenient to you. A follow-up consultation will usually be required to discuss these diagnostic results, provide a diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan.

How to book a Virtual Consultation with Mr Chong?

Please contact hispersonal assistant by phone or e-mail and she will arrange this.

Is a Virtual Consultation Safe?

A breast assessment by Virtual Consultation will not be as complete as a Face-to-Face Consultation as Mr Chong will be unable to carry out a breast examination. That examination will essentially be covered by the diagnostic tests i.e. mammogram and ultrasound, which is sufficient in for most breast problems. However, for more complicated cases such as breast cancer, Mr Chong will request an interval face-to-face consultation later on- this is to ensure a thorough and safe assessment.

What can I expect after the Virtual Clinic?

You will receive a detailed clinic consultation letter which explains my assessment, conclusions and recommendations. A copy of that letter will also be sent to your General Practitioner.

Can Mr Chong see international patients who want to seek a second opinion?

The Virtual Clinic is very useful for this category of patients. International patients who seek this service will need to contact Abby, his personal assistant who will make arrangements for a Virtual Consultation at a time convenient to you. International patients will be also need to provide the following:
Previous clinic letters regarding your current breast problems
Digital images files from mammogram, breast ultrasound and MRI
Biopsy results
As part of the service, Mr Chong may discuss your results at his next multidisciplinary team (MDT)meeting to come up with a treatment recommendation (based on the UK guidelines).

What are your charges for virtual consultation?

New patient with breast problems: £150
Follow-up consultation: £100
International Patients/ 2nd opinion: £450 (once only)
If you would like to make an appointment to see Mr Chong, please contact his Personal Assistant