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Right nipple-sparing mastectomy + + immediate fixed volume implant + Braxon mesh Reconstruction for DCIS

Heather Lawrence
58 year old with extensive DCIS of the right breast

Photos before surgery not available

  • Detected by screening mammogram (March 2020) – 10cm area of microcalcification at right upper outer quadrant – biopsy shows high grade DCIS
  • Bra cup size: 38C
  • Right nipple-sparing mastectomy + Sentinel Node Biopsy via inframammary incision + immediate expander implant and Braxon ADM mesh reconstruction (May 2020)- 85mm of high grade DCIS + 4mm focus of Grade 2 Invasive Ductal Ca, ER-positive, PR-positive, HER2-neg, clear margin, two sentinel nodes were normal.
  • Rest of treatment: 2.5mg of Letrazole orally for five years.