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Fat Grafting / Fat Transfer

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The following images those of my breast cancer patients whom I have operated on over the past five years. They have given consent for their photos to appear on this website. I would be grateful if viewers do not copy these images for any other purpose.
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Fat grafting (also known as fat transfer or lipomodelling) is a safe procedure that removes unwanted fat from other areas of your body such as the abdominal wall and thighs by liposuction and immediately injected into the breast to plump and reshape it. It is a new and popular procedure that is associated with a number of benefits, including :

Restores lost volume and corrects defects as a result of previous breast surgery and radiotherapy
Improves texture of the underlying breast tissue scarred by surgery and radiotherapy
Improves the appearance of the area undergoing liposuction i.e. abdomen and thighs
At present, I use fat grafting to improve the appearance of breast that been adversely affected by previous surgery and radiotherapy. Other use of fat grafting includes breast enlargement (augmentation) and breast reconstruction ( in selected cases).

Loss of volume of the lower part of the left breast after left lumpectomy and radiotherapy.

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