Covid-19 Statement

Mr Chong has never contracted Covid-19. He and his team are fully adherent to the Covid-19 Prevention Measures issued by NHS England. As of February 2022, Mr Chong has taken the following precautions:
  • Vaccination : This received the Pfizer- BioNtech vaccine in January 2021 (1st dose), Mar 2021 ( 2nd dose) and Sep 2021 (booster dose).
  • Testing : throat and nose swab PCR test every two weeks, with Lateral Flow test twice weekly.
  • Donning Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) during clinic consultation : This includes wearing goggles and facemask along with donning a fresh set of disposable gown and gloves in between patients.
  • Disinfecting measures at clinic : seats and examination couches are disinfected with virus-eradicating solution in between patients.
  • Screening of patients : patient attending outpatient clinics do not require any Covid-19 screening such as temperature checks or lateral flow tests. However, patient due for a procedure are required to undergo a throat and nose swab PCR test 48 hours before the procedure and to self-isolate for 72 hrs leading up to the procedure.
In return, we would be grateful if patients continue to adhere to the government’s advice on Covid-19 prevention measures.

Finally, Mr Chong is prepared to provide any advice with regards to the current guidance on Covid-19 prevention and management to his patients to keep them safe throughout this pandemic period.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Mr Chong, please contact his Personal Assistant