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Experiencing any kind of breast symptoms is a worry. You should seek professional support and guidance as soon as possible and look to find a diagnosis and treatment if necessary. Mr Kelvin Chong and is an experienced breast cancer doctor London patients can be referred to. He is a specialist in all kinds of breast cancer care. He also specialises in oncoplastic surgery to ensure effective and quick surgical treatment with attention paid to the cosmetic results.

Mr Chong also works alongside a specialist multidisciplinary care team. They work together to support patients through their treatment. The specialist team includes highly experienced specialist oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists. Referral for breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be worrying but Mr Chong and his team work to provide the highest levels of care to every patient.

Diagnosing Breast Symptoms

There are many breast symptoms that could be indicative of a range of conditions, but you may need referral to a breast cancer doctor for more investigative procedures. Patients are often referred to see a breast cancer consultant due to a lump or changes in their breast tissue. You may require an urgent referral in some instances including:

  • Changes to your nipple if you’re over 50
  • A lump in your breast tissue if you’re over 30

If you are under 30 it is unlikely you will be sent for an urgent referral. However, patients can attend Mr Chong’s One Stop Clinics at any age and get the assurance you need. It can be very distressing to find a breast symptom and not be able to access treatment so the peace of mind the clinics offer is palpable. You can also catch any cancers early and begin the necessary treatment.

Mr Chong’s One-Stop Breast Clinics in London

Mr Chong sees patients from all backgrounds and of all ages with breast symptoms at his regular clinics. These clinics are available as One-Stop sessions where patients can access all the diagnostic testing they need in a single appointment. Mr Chong and his team ensure all patients can access clinical examinations and the necessary breast imaging to determine a quick diagnosis.

Furthermore, Mr Chong and his team try to provide patients with same-day diagnosis wherever possible. This allows the right treatment plan to be put in place quickly and effectively.

Mr Kelvin Chong: Breast Cancer Doctor London

Mr Chong offers a range of support, breast care and surgical services to his patients. He works closely with other highly qualified oncological specialists to ensure his patients get the best possible care.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Mr Chong, please contact us today.