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Mr Kelvin Chong specialises in surgical treatment for a range of breast conditions, primarily breast cancer. There are also a range of benign breast procedures that patients may book with Mr Chong after an initial consultation or biopsy. Benign breast procedures ensure the removal of any abnormal cells and breast material. Let’s look more closely at some of these procedures.

Breast Surgical Excision Biopsy

Excision biopsy is common for a range of benign breast procedures. Common conditions including some fibroadenoma or other conditions such as intraductal papilloma, lobular neoplasia and hyperplasia may involve surgical treatment. An excision biopsy involves removing the problem area from the breast. Specialists can then analyse the tissue in a laboratory and discuss any further treatments.

Breast Surgery on Ducts

Some benign breast conditions make result in patients needing one or more of their milk ducts removing. Milk ducts sit behind the nipple and Mr Chong can remove any ducts causing unwanted or abnormal discharge or due to issues in the area behind the nipple.

Breast Abscess Surgery

The typical treatment for breast abscesses is drainage via a needle but this sometimes isn’t enough alone. Sometimes patients require a surgical incision to effectively drain all the fluid from an abscess. During the process the surgeon drains the abscess and ensures it no longer causes issues with swelling.


Gynaecomastia is a common health condition that results in male breasts swelling and becoming larger than normal. While it is prevalent in teenage boys it usually becomes less of a problem. However, many men live with gynaecomastia long-term and the most effective option for dealing with the condition is surgical excision. The breast tissue is benign so no threat to health but many men feel more comfortable and content after the excess tissue is gone.

Mr Chong can discuss any breast problem with patients and in many instances there may be a surgical solution.

Appointments for Benign Breast Procedures

Mr Chong is an expert-level surgeon in both breast cancer surgery and breast cosmetic surgery. He is experienced in performing many benign breast procedures and can help patients make a considered decision regarding their treatment and any surgeries. Mr Chong runs regular clinics where patients can discuss their health concerns and physical examinations can help him to ascertain the best treatment plan for each individual.

If you would like to schedule a clinic appointment with Mr Chong or if you have any queries, please feel free to contact his team directly.