Breast Reduction

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The following images those of my breast cancer patients whom I have operated on over the past five years. They have given consent for their photos to appear on this website. I would be grateful if viewers do not copy these images for any other purpose.
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Breast reduction mammoplasty aims to reduce the volume of the breast and reconstruct a more naturally shaped breast. This cosmetic breast procedure is commonly used for women with macromastia (excessively large breasts) or breast asymmetry (both breasts have difference shape and sizes). It also can be used for breast cancer patients i.e. patients who have undergone a lumpectomy / breast reconstruction and developed breast asymmetry. The technique used for both groups of patients are the same. In my practice, I often use a Wise-pattern incision which means that patients are left with an ‘inverted- T’ shaped scar which heals well and gives a good eventual shape.

Young woman with symptomatic large breast (32i) causing back and shoulder pains.


Bilateral breast reduction in elderly lady large, heavy (34g) breasts.

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