Covid-19 Statement

Mr Chong and his team are fully adherent to the Covid-19 Prevention Measures issued by NHS England. These include:
  • Donning Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) during clinic consultation : This includes clinician wearing a visor and facemask along with donning a fresh set of disposable gown and gloves in between patients.
  • Disinfecting measures at clinic : seats and examination couches are disinfected with virus-eradicating solution in between patients.
  • Screening of patients : At the hospital entrance, patients’ temperatures are checked and are asked about whether they have recent Covid symptom. Patients who have a temperature above 37.8C or with suspected Covid symptoms will be invited to reschedule and convert their clinic consultation to a virtual/phone consultation.
  • Social distancing : patients, clinician and staff members are advised to maintain the 2 metre distancing except during clinical examination. At the clinic consultation, there will not be any direct contact between patient and clinician/staff without donning a PPE. We will endeavour to limit to only two patients in the waiting area at any one time. On request via Mr Chong’s secretary, patients can wait in their car in hospital carpark. When it is the patient’s turn, Mr Chong will call the patient on their mobile phone so that the patient can walk straight into clinic room from the carpark.
  • Regular weekly Covid-19 Swab test : To maximise safety of his patients, Mr Chong guarantees that he undergoes weekly Covid-19 nasal and swab test to ensure that he is Covid-19 negative at all times.
In return, we would be grateful if patients continue to adhere to the government’s advice on Covid-19 prevention measures outside the hospital. If patients have any symptoms of Covid-19 within 10 days of their clinic appointment or have been in contact by NHS Test & Trace within the last 14 days as being exposed to someone with Covid-19, please inform Mr Chong’s secretary and she can promptly arrange for a virtual/phone clinic consultation instead.

Finally, Mr Chong is prepared to provide any advice with regards to the current guidance on Covid-19 prevention and management to his patients to keep them safe throughout this pandemic period.

If you would like to make an appointment to see Mr Chong, please contact his Personal Assistant